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This country was formed by individuals who were tired of being Taxed and ruled by others. It was formed with the idea that the elected leaders were to represent the ideas and concerns of their constituents not their personal beliefs.

We as a people have forgotten our responsability of letting them know what those beliefs are.

When electing a politician, it does not matter what his religeon is or where he came from. It only matters that they are the voice of the people who elected them not their own.

Quit giving away the keys to your country.

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We are always testing new technologies and products.

​With the experts we associate with, we are the best at finding what is out there that works.

MOA will only offer products that are of the highest quality to our customers.  At times we offer products from other vendors, We do this with the confidence that they are the finest in the industry.


We strive for more than what is excepted as acceptable. We are always looking to improve. We are not satisfied with what works but what will work better.



Thank you for taking the time to look into our products . Since 2008 MOA Shooter has fabricated all of our  in house products with a strict quality control in mind. We are proud of what we make and want you to enjoy the quality of your purchase as much as the use of it. 

All of our MOA products are made in the State of Oregon where the sport of shooting is used as a testing ground for our products and others.  We also send our products to active LEO's and active Military Snipers to test and refine our products. It is justified to state that our products are created from the live experiences of our most valued customers.

We know that not all shooters are the same, but the one thing we all have in common is the desire to hit the target. That is why MOA listens to you. We take the suggestions and experience from our customers to create and refine our products to offer the best solution for each individual at the range or in the field. Whether it be recreational or for the support of our Military and LEO's, MOA is for our customers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

MOA Staff


Our Materials are hand picked to offer ther the best Quality, Durability and Useability.

We are not there to make a product for looks but rather to use.


Ask the LEO's and active duty Military who tested and use our products.

"Why practice with equipment that you will not use in the field.

The MOA Shooting bag is light, compact and the most effective tool I use when elk hunting in the Boulder Creek Wilderness"

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