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New to MOA Shooter and MOA Systems is the Soft Shooting Bag. This New shooting bags is perfect for your young shooter. It helps with sight training and offers stability.

For the shooters who go beyond the sport and protect the nation and the people in it, Thank you.

Standard Shooting Bags

"I am a senior Sniper with the GA. National Guard, we have around ten of these shooting bags and have put them through the ringer. Just recently we held a try out for some guys to join the section, I had each shooter send 10 rounds while using a sand sock, then ten rounds using the MOA bag. After that they had the choice. Every shooter chose the MOA bag and all had great things to say about it.

1. Very easy to maintain sight picture

2. Easy to get back on target and reengage

3. Did not have to worry about hand fatigue

4. great for making precise adjustments once on target.

And the list goes on. The only thing that we had some trouble with was the fact that if you are shooting at a much lower target and have to pump the bag to its max, you lose some of the stability. However to combat this, I just used a dog bone shooting bag on top of the MOA bag and it worked out great. I have used this bag to engage targets from 200m out to about 875m and had great results. We are going to continue to use the bags every time we are on the range as well as in the field. I will let you all know how they hold up to the rigors of woodland stalking, as well as urban shooting and how we utilized them in each.

James Seets, Sr. Sniper, Georgia National Guard.

Another seal of approval from one of many customers ......
One of the proud and respected members of
       The American Snipers Association

"I've been using your bag extensively. I love it! along with the portability, I like how I can let go of the rifle, add, or purge air, and let the cross hairs settle right on the target!
that rocks!!
nice job!"
Police Officer Tim Riggs

Middletown Division of Police
One Donham Plaza
Middletown,Ohio 45042


We have been making the MOA Bag since 2008 for shooters and have found them to be one of the best tools in the bag for all shooters of any experience anywhere.

Fully adjustable and made in your camo colors. We are proud of the durability of the MOA Bags and have had it confirmed by our customers everywhere.

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MOA shooting bags are made with the same durability as all of our products. MOA offers 2 sizes of bags in all colors. Match it with your equipment !

MOA Soft Shooting Bags

MOA rifle straps are made of heavy Cord straps and triple stiched to be durable for any condition. Our widened shoulder section spreads the weight out for the larger rifles such as .50 cals. The widened section is also a great resting cusion for your rifle to sit on while scoping out a targets. Made in all colors.

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