Only 2.3 lbs

Bench or field

No Other devise offers the

stabilization, adjustability,

than the MOA shooting bag

The MOA adjustable shooting bag works with any type of rifle chassis  in any environment. The MOA adjustable shooting bag is for the novice, recreational, and professional shooter. You cannot take a vise into the field so why practice with something you cant take with you. Lightweight, adjustable, and proven to improve your grouping.

If your a bench shooter or a long range shooter in the field ,The MOA  bag is a must for your gear list.

The MOA adjustable shooting bag offers sight elevation changes with  such accuracy that improvements in grouping are seen on your first time using the bag. 

No more coming off the target to adjust your standard bag after each shot to fluff your bag. The MOA bag allows you to  keep eyes down range while you feed another round in the chamber. .

The  Original MOA Adjustable shooting bag is the most advanced shooting bag being used today. The internal design of the MOA shooting bag offers a stability , Adjustability and Durability.

A Standard shooting bag requires constant pressure from the shooter causing hand fatigue. The MOA shooting bag can be adjusted and then  released without coming off the target.