Surprisingly helpful for assisting New shooters and experienced.

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The NEW MOA Soft Shooting Bag is for the shooter who is looking to add an extra stability to their shot.

The New Soft Shooting bag is  made to respond to your position without adding an action from the shooter.

Where the standard shooting bag requires "refluffing "after each shot and continual squeezing to fine tune the aim of a target the MOA Soft Bag requires nothing.

Initially the shooter places the rifle on the MOA soft Bag and compresses the bag to meet the elevation they require to aquire the target. Once in that position the MOA Soft Bag requires only an once or two to maintain position. When adjusting to target the shooter relaxes the pressure on the MOA Soft Bag and it reacts to the position the shooter.

The MOA Soft Bag is great for long term target aquisition. Meaning, If you are ranging targets or scoping out areas for hunting, The MOA Soft Bag makes it easier on the shooter by reducing fatigue. It also allows the shooter the use of his hand which other types of bags do not.

The MOA Soft Bag allows the shooter to use both hands at all times.

The MOA Soft Bag  helps stabilize the aim of the shooter.

The MOA Soft Bag reduces fatigue

Weighs less than 5 oz. !

The NEW MOA Shooters cusion